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The village of Mostovo is situated in a mountainous area and lies in the Rhodope ridge of Dobrostan. It is 27km away from the town of Asenovgrad. You should drive off in Kardzhali direction and after the village of Cherven turn right; next are the villages of Gornoslav and Oreshets. In the middle of Yurta terrain there is a signboard pointing on a picturesque asphalt road. In about 1km you reach Loshata Tikla terrain. It reveals a magnificent view of the Krastov Vrah 1418m (3km southwest) and Mostovo. The village of Mostovo nestles in the middle of an energy triangle — Krastova Gora (1418m), Belintash (1226m) and The Karadzhov Boulder (1448 м). There are 6 neighborhoods around the village. Some of them are no longer inhabited, while others have become attractive destinations for rural tourism. Their names are Chukata, Kordzhuvtsi, Kabata (village), Ryakata, Vrata (village) and Chotrovtsi.

The Sushitsa River (Mostovska Sushitsa) flows through the village. Over the years the river has created a natural bridge where the road to the village passes. There are some big caves around the village – Gargina Dupka (Crow Hole – 524m long), Vodnata Peshtera (Water Cave – 455m long) and Troitsata (Trinity Cave – 141m long).

The population at the last census counted 67 residents and the altitude is 922m.