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For fun

If you stay in the houses:

Sometimes bad weather can ruin your plans for a walk around the region - then take the opportunity to admire the scenery surrounding the houses, or move with the ball or badminton. You can play traditional chess and card boards, or browse a magazine and a favorite book, and in case you don't feel like doing anything, just enjoy the silence ...

Games in the yard:

We are proud of our yard. Well, it's not a football field, but there's plenty of room to play badminton, soccer, mini basketball, trampoline and other fun games that will keep your kids away from screens and mobile devices. At least for a while...

Family holidays

Do you want to organize a birthday, anniversary or celebration where you can invite relatives and friends - in Vesela Kashta we are ready to welcome you? The houses have everything you need to prepare for a special occasion, but if you need help we are here. We can prepare the decoration in advance to surprise your loved one, or prepare a special menu when you want to have food included...

Family holidays are an important part of our lives, a good occasion to have fun and create unforgettable memories. Don't miss them.

Equestrian tourism "Ryakata"

Anyone who wishes can diversify their stay at Vesela Kashta with an exciting horse ride. For more information and bookings, call 0896 844 648

Contact us at 0897 967 065 to discuss the best option for you.